About WattDoesItUse

WattDoesItUse was created to make it easier to find the power consumption of electronic devices that I already owned and those that I was interested in buying. I wanted a single location where I could find and aggregate the power consumption of my devices, as well as get an idea of my electricity bill cost.

Mission Statement

To bring awareness to power consumption and advancements in clean and renewable energy.

Goals of site


WattDoesItUse is set up to make it easy to calculate the power consumption of your electronic devices using our built-in calculator. You can also create a profile and save all of your devices, so that you can view your total power consumption.


By understanding the power consumption cost, you can conserve energy by making better decisions about how you use your devices and buying products that use less energy. In addition, WattDoesItUse provides recent news and educational materials related to conservation and advancements in clean and renewable energy.


When you conserve energy, you save money! Also when you are looking to buy a new device, you want to make sure that you choose one that will offer you the best value during the time that you own it.