Community Solar

Community solar, also known as community-shared solar, community-owned solar, and solar gardens, are remotely installed and managed solar power. It is a great option for people that rent or don't have the proper setup at their residence to install solar. 

  • No install at your residence

  • Owners and Renters can participate

  • No hassle setup

  • No onsite visits or construction needed at your residence

  • Credit on your utility bill

  • As low as $0 down to start

  • If you move out of the utility service area, you won’t be able to continue getting credits on your electricity bill

  • Not all deployments allow you to get federal tax incentives

  • May not increase the value of your residence

  • Not available in all markets

Below is one vendor that provides community solar:

Clean Energy Collective

Clean Energy Collective installs the community shared solar array at a remote location that is in the same service area as your utility. Clean Energy Collective takes care of the maintenance and management of your solar panels. Depending on where you are located you either purchase the panels, or in Massachusetts, through the SolarPerks program, utility customers are allocated a portion of the community solar array with no upfront costs, and then receive net metering credits on their electric bills for the power produced.

Service area

Clean Energy Collective has offerings in the following states: 

Colorado, New Mexico, Vermont, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Kansas, and Minnesota